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I am a Master Herbalist and Iridology Specialist.

My journey started as a young girl who dreamed of becoming a doctor. Studying and working in the medical field was my passion until I became a mother.

My first pregnancy was difficult as I suffered through Hyperemesis Gravidarum. My baby had severe colic and I struggled for 6 months with mastitis.  Doctors were not able to cure us.

I found relief in speaking with a friend who was studying to become a Master Herbalist.  She recommended adding blended mullein and lobelia to my breasts with heat while I was sleeping.  It cured my mastitis overnight!  I wanted to learn more about how to help my baby, so I enrolled in classes to become a Master Herbalist myself. I went on to specialize in many areas of health like Iridology and energy work.

I have been teaching classes and helping clients for 15 years. I have seen how a few small changes can create healing miracles.  I love watching people heal and lives change for the better. 

Changing my whole lifestyle wasn't easy.  It helped so much to have inspiring teachers and friends to teach me what to do to create a healing environment for my family to grow up in.  I spent countless hours researching and invested so much money in classes to have the knowledge that I have today. I want to share that knowledge with you.

Oceanworn was created after we tried to adopt a baby girl while living in Samoa.  Our little Tali was in a shelter that we later found out participated in illegal selling of babies.  We were not able to adopt our baby, but we were able to raise awareness and to change the laws of the country. We raised money for this by selling sea glass jewelry. Our motto became "In the waves tossed and torn, now refined I'm Oceanworn". 

We pray that our products and information we share will help you on your unique journey to becoming Oceanworn. We are here to help you find what you need to restore health, healing and happiness. Join our email list to get weekly health tips.

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